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Trade Sales - Account Manager

Job Details
Employer: EeBriaTrade
Job Category: Sales
Job Location: London (SE16)
Salary: £22k + commission
Date added: 24/07/2019
Job Description
We're currently looking for a new team member in our Trade Sales Team (July 19) and so please read on to find out if you'd be the perfect fit! This an entry-level position, ideally suited to somebody with a keen interest in craft beer who wants to talk about beer all day and start a career in the industry.

Who you are:
  • Passionate about great beer (in moderation!) - you can convey this passion to everybody you meet
  • A Natural Salesperson - you’re confident, good with people and persuasive enough to close a deal
  • Adaptable - you can change your style depending on your audience
  • Organised - you can keep track of your leads and make sure our records are up to date
  • Proactive - you take the initiative and actively seek improvements
  • Unflappable - your excellent organisational skills help you to juggle tasks and assess priorities without breaking a sweat
  • Honest and reliable - you understand how to work with sensitive information and you’re a safe pair of hands with any task
  • Intelligent - quick to understand, quick to process and not afraid to ask when you don’t know
  • Friendly and approachable - we’ll miss you when you’re not around
  • Commercial - you know how to make a sale but also how to turn a profit
  • Determined - you're not put off by the odd rejection and you will patiently keep trying until you win them over
  • Committed - you’re in it for the long haul

What you do:
In a nutshell you will sell beer to our trade customers. You’ll be tasked with winning us new customers and keeping our current customers happy and buying more great beer.

The role will certainly but not exclusively include the following:
  • Calling up new pubs and restaurants who have registered to our site to explain the model and encourage them to buy from us.
  • Account managing existing pub customers, making sure they're happy with the service and make repeat purchases.
  • Troubleshooting problem orders with the customer (liaising with our ops team).
  • Learning about our 500+ breweries and thousands of products so you can recommend the best options and/or hottest beers.
  • Building and researching your list of new leads and targets, owning a particular UK area to ensure we're working with bars nationwide.
  • Heading out to meet pub managers to understand their needs better, demo the website and find out how we can work together more.
  • Help our customers organise Tap Takeovers and Tap Residencies using our technology for tendering to our brewery base.
  • Representing us at trade events and our quarterly Trade Showcase evenings in our taproom.
  • Pitching in! Everybody at EeBria is expected to help out whenever there is a need so you might be asked to pack the odd box and taste test the occasional beer.

How to apply: Email with your CV and a short explanation of why you'd like to work for us.

Apply by email to: Matt on

More information available at:

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