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Taproom Bar Staff (Part-time)

Job Details
Employer: EeBriaTrade
Job Category: Bar Staff
Job Location: London (Bermondsey SE16)
Salary: £10 / hour
Date added: 12/07/2019
Job Description
Who you are:
  • Passionate about great beer (in moderation!) - you can convey this passion to everybody you meet
  • Friendly, chatty and confident - basically you will be happy to spend the day talking about beer and recommending beer to all sorts of people!
  • Unflappable - afternoons on the beer mile can get pretty busy, especially when the weather is good. You’ll be calm and unfazed whenever there is a crowd at the bar, keeping your focus and getting everyone served quickly, in turn, and still giving that top level of customer service :)
  • Honest and reliable - the role will obviously involve handling cash and making sure all transactions are recorded accurately through our point of sale system and credit/debit card machine.
  • Punctual - we're a small team on Taproom, so need everybody there on time!
  • Intelligent - quick to understand, quick to process and not afraid to ask when you don’t know
  • Eye for Detail - when setting up and taking down it’s the little things that matter, like not missing a spot when cleaning up, straightening the decor or remembering to restock the toilet paper in the loo.
  • Pitching in - some of the bar work can be a little unglamourous, moving pallet furniture around or mopping up the odd spillage, you don’t baulk at a little bit of hands on labouring and you volunteer to get stuck in as needed.
  • Experience working in a bar will be helpful, but not essential - though a keen interest in beer is!

What you'll get:

  • Each shift is 6-8 hours each week, we send out the rota every month and you can grab as many or as few shifts as you need or can make. Most of the team average about 4-5 shifts a month, so once a week.
  • We pay at a rate of £10/hour, paid monthly via our payroll, with that figure including rolled up holiday pay.

How to apply: Email with your CV and a short explanation of why you'd like to work for us, along with a link to your GitHub or StackOverflow profiles (if you have one).

Apply by email to: EeBria Tap Manager on

More information available at:

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